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Choose The Right Auto Transport Company

When you start looking into auto transport companies you’re going to find the amount of options can be daunting. How do you know which company will best suit your needs, which provides the best service, and which is the most reliable? This guide will help you find out which auto transport company is most suitable for you and your vehicles needs!

Get Your Quotes

Once you’ve done some Google searching and have found a handful of companies to choose from, it’s time to call! Most companies provide free quotes whether online or over the phone. There are a few hings to keep in mind when you receive quotes from companies:

  • Your quote is not set in stone. The rate you receive is an estimate of how much it will cost to ship your car given the details. You will not know the exact price until after your order is booked and a trucker is found to ship your car.
  • Don’t go with the lowest bidder. You should get several quotes from different companies in order to have a ballpark estimate. Because the prices fluctuate, you shouldn’t automatically choose the lowest price. Some companies will intentionally quote you a low price to get your business, and then the actual price you receive later is much higher than expected.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the service! You should ask about their policies for specific situations such as accidents, inclement weather, and their cancellation policy. Keep notes for yourself so you can compare each company side by side later.

Read reviews online

Another great place to find a reputable car shipping company is via review websites. Simply Google the company you’re interested in. There you can find their Google score and read reviews from fellow customers. You can also find other transport review websites where you can read thousands of reviews from customers.

Make a Decision

After some research you should be ready to make an informed decision. Before making your final decision, ask yourself:

  • Do I like this company’s customer service? Have they answered all my questions to my satisfaction?
  • Am I happy with the quoted price range?
  • Does the company have a trustworthy reputation?
  • Does the company offer the services I need, such as door-to-door transport and expedited shipping?


We hope you found this guide helpful when choosing which transport company is right for you! Remember Auto Transport 123 is the nations leader in transport services. With five star customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed you can’t go wrong with Auto Transport 123. Call us today to book your order with the professionals at Auto Transport 123!

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